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You may of course frame your prints exactly as you like. Stiill, here are some display suggestions you might find useful:

  • Use a liberal amount of matting around the print, in a fairly neutral, mid-tone tint
  • Use simple, clean-looking frames
  • Metal frames often look great
  • Frames in one of the image's dominant colors often look great

At www.pictureframes.com and www.art.com you can find a wealth of information about framing, including online virtual framing to test out matting colors and types of framing.

You can take some simple steps to assure the longevity of your Dexplorations prints:

  • Use only anti-UV glass
  • Use only acid-free mounting and matting cardboard
  • Do not use protective spray on the print (some are good -- some bad)
  • Do not glue mount or heat mount the prints
  • Do not display the prints on a wall which receives direct sunlight
  • Enjoy for generations!

The US Library of Congress recommends these framing and matting procedures.

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