Basic Monitor Check-up



Press F11, to maximize your browser window (F11 again undoes this).



The same mid-gray color should now evenly cover your whole screen, without any irregularities (aside from the squares on top, right and left).


Issue A:

If the mid-gray color is not even and smooth all over, that reveals problems with your graphics card and/or monitor configuration. I cannot remote-diagnose the causes, as they are often complex and knottily intertwined, but this test will at least give you a hint about possible problems.


Issue B:

If the gray squares along the edges differ in darkness (usually along the top-bottom axis) this proves that your monitor has uneven back-lighting (this is very common with LCD monitors). There is nothing you can do about this.



Basic Monitor Calibration

To try my simple but excellent monitor calibration procedure, please click here.