Free PDF ebook of Edgar Allan Poe's

The Raven and Other Works

Poe’s The Raven, first published on January 29, 1845, is my all-time favorite poem. I have read it countless times in the past thirty-plus years — and I never tire of reading, reciting and studying it. So I designed a book which tries to do typographical justice to this poetic masterwork.

In addition to The Raven, my book also includes five other fine Poe poems, his wife Virginia's Valentine poem and Poe's 1846 essay The Philosophy of Composition.

I am smugly pleased with the result
— and I hope that many others will also enjoy this book.

A handsomely printed book, in softcover and hardcover editions,
can be securely ordered via
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PDF ebook advantages

  • Designed for comfortable screen reading on all devices — computers as well as phones
  • The Stanza sections at the bottom are hyperlinks which will take you to each stanza
  • The Stanza timeline shows
    your current location in the
    poem's 18 stanzas
  • A line counter
    (18 stanzas × 6 lines = 108 lines)
  • Dictionary explanations for the
    more obscure words
  • An alphabetical list of all the 437 words used in the text of The Raven, with numbering for the corresponding Stanzas



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  Download the zipped PDF here: Poe's The Raven (6.2 Mb)