2008 Klaus Nordby

This is a zoomable-pannable version of my latest landscape photo.
Just click and drag anywhere, or use the button controls at the bottom.

It was taken July 27, 2007 in a remote fjord way up north in Norway (click for Googlemap),
1,400 Km from my home in Oslo, at around 04:30 (so yes, this is a sunrise).

It's a HDR multi-shot image, assembled with PTGui Pro,
consisting of 12 exposures from my Nikon D200 and Tokina 12-24mm @ 20mm/f8.
The file is 7500 x 3600 pixels, thus totalling 28 megapixels,
making for a stunning 240 dpi print of about 80 x 40cm (30" x 15").

This image is the result of driving a few thousand kilomers, then one minute of happy shooting
— and two days of work in Photoshop CS3. Below are the 12 original shots.

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