Free PDF ebook of Ayn Rand's Anthem

Since the mid-60s, Ayn Rand's wonderful novella Anthem has been out of copyright in the USA.

I love this novella, and I have therefore designed a free — and freely shareable — PDF ebook of it.

I am pleased with the result: I have realized my selfish goal of making this novella a great joy to read — compared to every other edition available anywhere.

I hope that many others will also find this special edition of Anthem to make for a wonderful read.

PDF ebook advantages

  • Designed for comfortable screen reading on all devices — computers as well as phones
  • The Chapter sections at the bottom are all clickable links which will take you to the start of each Chapter
  • The Chapter sections visualize the relative lengths of the 12 Chapters
  • The “page-walker” above the Chapter sections shows your current location in the text
  • At the back of the book, there is an alphabetical list of all the names and words used in the text



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Download the PDF here:

Ayn Rand's Anthem (5.7 Mb ZIP file)